Terms and Conditions


Are free and non-obligatory until written acceptance via email.

Valid for 30 days, unless otherwise stated.

Pricing estimates are non-binding.



Clients must provide all web design content.

Electronically supplied images, logos, and text are required unless created as part of the project.

Sourcing additional images comes at the client’s cost.


Design and Changes:

Limited design changes are accommodated.

Additional changes are billed hourly or quoted separately.

All changes must be requested in writing.



Clients must ensure they hold copyrights for all supplied material.

The Disrupt Agency is not responsible for copyright disputes or content provided without copyright.


Project Completion:

Affected by feedback, content reception, and uncontrollable delays.

We reserve the right to create content if not provided by the client within one month.


Rights and Ownership:

We can use created content for promotional purposes.

All work remains our property until fully paid.

Project release occurs after client proofing and acceptance.



Monthly work is payable in advance within 7 days.

Late fees apply: R250 for invoices < R10,000, and 2% for invoices > R10,000.

Project cancellation leads to invoicing for completed work.



Exiting monthly contracts incurs a fee equivalent to one month’s charge.


Hosting & Technical:

We don’t provide hosting or control domain renewals.

Technical queries should be directed to your service provider.



Due within 7 days of invoice.

Non-payment may result in content withdrawal or work refusal.

Client covers any collection or legal fees.


Content Creation:

Blogs are SEO-focused with specific keywords.

Social media posts target specific audiences. Specific posts require client-provided content.


Policy Changes:

We reserve the right to modify this policy. Continued use indicates acceptance.


Prohibited Actions:

Unauthorised access, copying, or distribution of any published content on our site is forbidden.


Service Agreement Summary

Graphics & Media:

The Service Provider is expected to produce or obtain all necessary graphics, audio, and video media elements for the Client’s Services.


Media Capture:

For South African clients, upon request, the Service Provider will visit the client’s location to capture digital media.

Costs related to these visits, such as travel, food, and accommodation, are borne by the client.


3rd Party Media:

Client covers expenses for 3rd party stock media.

The Client is responsible for the legality of provided 3rd party media and indemnifies the Service Provider from any related claims.


Text & Files:

Client should provide text and files in common formats.

If special means (e.g., couriers) are needed to obtain files, additional charges apply.


Additional Requests:

For any new work requests, the Client will be provided with a new quote.


Payment Terms:

Clients are typically expected to pay upfront for services.

Delayed payments may result in content removal or handing over to collections agencies. Alternative arrangements can be discussed if payment issues arise.


Monthly Subscription:

Monthly fees are due in advance, with penalties for late payments.


Client Amendments:

The Service Provider welcomes client input but has no provisions for major changes exceeding the initial agreement.

Significant changes requested by the client will be invoiced separately.

Examples of significant changes include redesigning major portions, changing more than half the content of a page, and extensive monthly technical maintenance.


Copyrights and Trademarks:

The Client assures all provided media and content are owned or licensed by them.

The Client is responsible for potential copyright infringements and indemnifies the Service Provider against any claims related to the client’s content.


Third Party Modifications:

If the Client or a third party modifies the completed Services and causes issues, the Service Provider will charge for repairs at an hourly rate.


Assignment of Development:

The Service Provider may use subcontractors for the project and ensures their quality of work.


Additional Expenses:

The Client will cover certain costs requested during the development, e.g., specific fonts, software, or third-party plugins.



Professional behaviour is expected from the Client. Abuse towards the Service Provider can lead to termination of services without refunds.


Limited Liability:

The Client promises not to provide unethical or illegal content.

The Service Provider will not publish harmful information or develop inappropriate software. They reserve the right to decide what’s appropriate.



The Client will protect the Service Provider from all liabilities related to the development of their services.

This includes liabilities from third-party rights infringements, defective products, misinformation, or any other potential issues arising from the Client’s site or products.


Design Credit & Reviews:

The Service Provider may credit themselves on the Client’s website.

Client’s project may be featured in the Service Provider’s portfolio.

The Client should provide a testimonial when asked by the Service Provider.

Any disagreements should be communicated in writing.



Both parties agree not to disclose any confidential information about the other.


Completion Date & Cancellation:

Cooperation is necessary for timely project completion.

Cancellations by the Client within 14 days of purchase will result in the Service Provider retaining 50% of the total invoice.

Postponement or cancellation after 14 days may incur additional fees.

Completed services might require additional payment for further development unless a monthly service agreement exists.